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What's this about?

It's time to make a stance - to stand up against something we think is wrong.

We've always been of the opinion that using Swedish snus should be a right within the entire European Union. In our view, the EU snus prohibition directly conflicts with the fundamental principles upon which the EU was built.

There's currently a proposition being discussed, one that eventually could lead to the end of snus even in Sweden.

The main component of the proposition would mean that several ingredients in Swedish snus would be banned overnight, and the Swedish snus would be lost.

We think this is completely wrong.

For this reason, we're now urging you to appeal. By uploading your image and name, you can help preventing a bad proposition. Make a stance and be a part of change! Only together can we make legislators all over Europe understand that snus prohibition is foolish.

Spread the word so that we can put an end to this idiotic proposition and discirimination within the European Union together.

We support snus!

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